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Nether animation update 2#

2014-02-01 08:30:36 by JasooAnimations

And there ya go update number 2. I started to work on the characters than i am going to use for the animation. Maybe there will be more added later. Not sure trough..  

The next update will be a little later. Since i also have my school internship which takes some of my time. So when i got free time on my internship than i can continue to work on it. And also in some of the weekends like right now. When i have time.

Feel free to leave any suggestions.

On the picture itselfs the first character will be the main char of the story. The next one will probaly only appear in one scene. And the first monster is the Golem of the game. I didnt feel like to draw it like it is in the game. So i came with something a little bit different. And at last the other monster is the smallest and weakest monster (Nether) in Nether.


Stay tuned for more updates in the future ^^









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