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hahah wowh that was great...
I like your art style...

The only thing bad thing
i could think of is the voice acting.
That could be better. But other than
that 4 stars for you!

Not bad for you're first animation. I see that you do have some talent
to make great animations in the future. Now lets talk about you animation:

The walking cycle was alright just a little bit weird.
And than when he started to play the piano hes shoulders
seemed to be jumping just a little bit up in random directions.
This made its seem a little bit off to me. The fingers hitting the
piano looked better than the arm moving.

The style you used to make it look old worked pretty well.
And made me feel like i was watching some old stuff ^^

And at last the sound design.
The first thing what was annoying me
was the loud beep at the beginning. Dont do that
again. Imagine some one with a headset on his head
with loud volume having to hear that.. Its a pain in the ass..

Since its you're first animation i will go easy on you.
I give you a 3 out of 5 stars. Not bad at all for a first animation :-3

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panickedpanda responds:

Thanks so much for this I will take you advice next time I try and animate.

The movement of the walking animation looked very weird and not so smooth.
Also some times it looked like the characters that where going to arrest the girl
where a little bit to static, or lifeless.

You could improvement the movement
a bit better on the characters.

But other than that the 3D models looked good.
They had good texture quality and seemed realistic.
And also that schadows were amazingly done on
the buildings but also on the characters.

The effects could be better and the same for the lip sync.
But other than that good job. I will give you 3 stars for your hard
work :-3

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